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Funding Schemes and Study Programmes

Overseas Immersion Programme for English Teachers
in Primary Schools in Hong Kong

SCOLAR had sponsored English teachers of primary schools since the 2006/07 school year to attend overseas immersion programmes organised by local tertiary institutions in partnership with overseas tertiary institutions.

Programme Objectives
To provide participants an opportunity to experience innovative learning and teaching methods, materials, curriculum, activities in an English as a second language (ESL) context and to reflect on their own teaching in Hong Kong.
To enhance participants' professionalism in terms of English language proficiency and cultural awareness.
To widen participants' horizons and build self-confidence in handling a foreign language, as well as their open-mindedness and tolerance to change.

Programme Framework
Each programme included academic programmes offered by the overseas tertiary institutions, coupled with visits and placement in local primary schools in the visiting country, cultural visits and activities, and home-stay accommodation arrangement.
The programmes facilitated participating teachers in developing an action plan which would consolidate and reflect their learning and experiences gained from the Programme to be implemented in his or her school in the next school year to improve the learning and teaching and/or curriculum development of the English Language subject.

2010/11 Programme
2009/10 Programme
2008/09 Programme
2007/08 Programme
2006/07 Programme
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