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Promotion of Biliteracy and Trilingualism

Project for Developing Chinese Learning and Teaching Materials for Non-Chinese Speakers in Hong Kong

The Project aims at developing learning and teaching materials for non-Chinese speakers to enhance the effectiveness in teaching non-Chinese speakers Chinese and to provide them with self-learning tools in learning Chinese.

Funded Projects
Interactive Learning Chinese with News for NCS Students
Name of Grantee: Open Knowledge Association Limited
Co-organiser: Ming Pao Education Publications Limited
Objective: To develop a mobile application with Chinese reading materials and learning activities for non-Chinese speakers
The project launched the “Learning Chinese with the News” App. With the goal of helping students to build up their Chinese language skills from real-life material, 150 articles have been abstracted from the Ming Pao news. Each article contains Cantonese audio clips.  All key words are translated in to English, Urdu, Hindi and Nepalese so that students who speak those languages can learn precise meanings.  Students can choose any character from the articles to learn its radicals, number of strokes, stroke order (animated), formation and pronunciation. All activities allow students to save their answers; they also provide comments immediately, so that students can assess their performance.
The topics cover current affairs, health, environment, sports, education, technology, construction, social studies, etc. , which are relevant to the experience of students.  This helps to keep them interested and inspires them to learn Chinese from daily lives.
Website: (Free Download)

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Chinese Cultural Readings for Non-Chinese Speaking Students: Historical Personages
Name of Grantee: The Education University of Hong Kong
Objective: To compile a Chinese cultural reader for non-Chinese speakers
This project aims to compile a Chinese culture reader for non-Chinese speaking students who endeavor to enhance their Chinese language proficiency. With a view to cultivating students’ interests in learning Chinese and improving their Chinese reading skills, the reader could be used for classrooms teaching as well as after-class leisure reading.
The reader introduces stories of 20 famous historical figures chronologically which enables the audience to gain a general impression of Chinese history and deepens their understanding of Chinese culture.
Each short story has around 500 words. The wording and the vocabulary of the reader are refined based on the corpus analysis, so that it can better match the Chinese proficiency levels of the audience. Apart from the Chinese texts and the in-text illustrations, each story includes an abstract written in English, annotation written in English for Chinese vocabulary, Cantonese phonetic transcription for the whole story, etc., in order to facilitate the audience to further research into other references and extend their studies.
Copies of the reader are distributed to different primary schools, secondary schools, special schools, non-governmental organisations, public libraries, etc. for the public’s reading.
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Construction of an Interlanguage Corpus for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Students in Hong Kong
Name of Grantee: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Objective: To develop an interlanguage corpus for non-Chinese speaking students
Details of the Project will be released soon.

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